Could the next manager of the Yankees be … A-Rod?! Brian Cashman didn’t rule it out when asked specifically about the candidacy of Alex Rodriguez. But then again, Cashman didn’t rule anyone out, declining to go through specific names. While being a notorious drug cheat, A-Rod is as astute as anyone when it comes to baseball, and has worked with several Baby Bombers in the past. “I will stay silent on who the candidates are until they’re in a position to be presented to you on an individual basis,” Cashman said Monday. “I definitely do not want to go through who may or may not be a candidate. And let’s leave it at that.” The thing is, A-Rod and Cashman have a wild history. Remember when Cashman said A-Rod needs to “Shut the f--k up?” Good times. A-Rod served as a $21 million special adviser to owner Hal Steinbrenner last season. His contract with the Bombers is now up.