That Brian Campbell made it through the Blackhawks' last game and practiced Saturday is encouraging. But his left foot injury lingers. "I don't think it's something that's going to go away today or tomorrow, but hopefully it gets better with time," Campbell said. "It's a different injury. But it's not too bad." It hurts Campbell in the area where he does his most damage. "It affects my skating. That's the frustrating part," Campbell said. "It's our biggest asset and the biggest tool for hockey players. At different times in the games, it gets to be challenging." Before his injury, Campbell had a goal and four assists in a five-game stretch, and his plus-minus rating ascended to the top of the league. "It's been a big setback that way," he said. "I felt I was skating really good and was happy about my game. I'm just going to keep going, see how it feels every game and see what I can do out there."