Johnny Hellweg didn't help his cause or his BB/9 but the Brewers win anyway. Johnny Hellweg just didn't have it tonight. I know the box score says he only gave up one run but trust me he did not have it. There is a reason Alfredo Figaro was credited for the win and that reason is because Hellweg was lifted after 4 innings and 80 pitches only 37 of those strikes. He hit David Wright in the head during the 3rd inning and immediately followed that up with plunking Lucas Duda. Then he walked the next batter. Luckily this resulted in absolutely no runs as this was on two outs and the next batter flied out. The damage had been done earlier in the inning on a walk a steal an error and then a groundout. In total Hellweg walked four batters hit two batters and threw a wild pitch.