Brewers slugger Ryan Braun as we all know is currently serving a 65-game suspension for his role in the Biogenesis scandal and that suspension came after Braun's stern and repeated denials of ever using PEDs. All of this has caused not-insubstantial levels of outrage among baseball observers and at least one hometown Brewers fan is none too pleased with Braun's deceptions. On that front Wisconsin's WTMJ-620 reports that Karen Eidem attended a recent Brewer game adorned in this altered Ryan Braun jersey: Harmless enough no? Well Miller Park security apparently saw this as a grave affront and commanded Eidem to change her shirt or be escorted off the premises. Eidem agreed to turn her shirt inside out and was allowed to remain in her seat. Before anyone bellows anything about the First Amendment recall that this is a private place of business not any kind of governmental institution (laying aside for the moment that almost every professional sports team receives public monies in some form or fashion). Still this is uptight and touchy in the extreme on the part of the Brewers and hectoring fans for wearing something like this is absolutely bad business.