You wouldn't know it by watching him but Alex Gonzalez says he is not comfortable playing first base. "I can't tell you it's real easy," said Gonzalez, who has played 1,559 regular-season games in the majors, all at shortstop. "You've got to make adjustments and try to have fun with it. I'm getting close, It's not like I feel real comfortable but it's getting there. The more time you play there, the more comfortable it is." Gonzalez is playing first base out of necessity in the Milwaukee Brewers' spring camp. They already were missing Corey Hart after late-January knee surgery when Mat Gamel went down with his second torn ACL in less than a year. Manager Ron Roenicke had a good idea that Gonzalez would be able to make the transition to first base, given an entire spring training to do so. The 36-year-old veteran was reluctant at first, but Roenicke pointed out it would give him more playing time with the Brewers who are committed to young Jean Segura at shortstop. "That's what he says," said Gonzalez, who is using a first base mitt borrowed from Martin Maldonado. "Right now, it's learning how to play there and all the stuff at first base. You have to move around more. After many years playing shortstop, moving to first is not real fun for me. "I'm taking a lot of groundballs there. I go out there every day and try to feel like I'm ready. I don't know what to say. I've tried to make adjustments, be relaxed and let things happen."