The paradigm has shifted for Corey Brewer. Long gone are the days when merely stepping on an NBA floor represented the ultimate objective. Extended seasons won't suffice either -- he's had three of those since leaving Minnesota via a trade. Only another title will whet his appetite honed in 2011 -- the teeter-totter year he went from Twin Cities washout to Lone Star champion. "Everyone's like 'you're going to Minnesota you're going to make the playoffs'" said Brewer who was formally introduced to Minneapolis media Wednesday after signing as an unrestricted free agent. "For me it's not about making the playoffs anymore because I already won a championship." Brewer played a very limited role in Dallas' 2011 six-game NBA Finals win against Miami. He appeared in six games during that playoff run -- none in the finals -- and never played more than 8 minutes 21 seconds. But just being around Dirk Nowitzki Jason Kidd and company exposed the former No. 7 overall pick to life on the road to a championship. "You got to be prepared for anything" Brewer said. Starting with his tumultuous first stint with the Timberwolves Brewer has indeed experienced just about everything.