The Chiefs’ quarterback plan has gone swimmingly so far. Kansas City moved up to No. 10 overall to select Patrick Mahomes last April. It then showed patience with him, sitting Mahomes behind Alex Smith until the (meaningless) final regular-season game. The Chiefs now will get value for Smith in a trade with Washington that becomes official later this month. The only question left is whether Mahomes is an upgrade on Smith. The Chiefs believe they already have the answer. “I think it is more of a plan and a vision and really putting the quarterback in a position to succeed,” Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach said. “I think we had a plan for Patrick and that was to come in, learn the offense and not go out there and play until you have a firm mental grasp of what you want to accomplish. All the physical tools are there. He is one of the best players I have ever seen. But you don’t want to throw them out there too soon. You want them to be who they are and not really process too much, just play. Coach [Andy Reid] had a vision, and we brought him along slowly, and we are excited for the future.”