Sept. 18 was a busy day for the Philadelphia 76ers, as it came to light that former All-Star Elton Brand will be the team’s new general manager after an extensive search. In the grand scheme, that is certainly the most impactful news of the day in Philadelphia but, in the same breath, head coach (and now-former interim general manager) Brett Brown had a few interesting comments about players on his roster.

One such statement focused on Markelle Fultz, as Brown revealed that the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft attempted 150,000 shots over the summer.

“When I see him now come back into our gym, you look at his swagger, his cocky side, his mojo, he’s seeking shots,” Brown said. “He really is not bashful.”

It comes as no surprise that Fultz would be working on his jumper after his well-chronicled rookie struggles, but Brown seems quite optimistic that things are going well when it comes to rebuilding his form.