In the book "How to Pitch at Coors Field Without Losing Your Mind," it's written in heavy black ink that breaking balls don't work. Some combination of climate physics and abracadabra will never allow it, they say. Into the seventh inning Friday, Brett Anderson threw through the bad juju. His slurveball — some Frankensteined combination of a curve and a slider — sent Pittsburgh Pirates hitters back to the dugout with out after out in the thin air. The only thing that stopped him was a blister. "That was probably my last inning anyway," Anderson said. "Hopefully we caught it before anything damaging happened." Anderson walked away prematurely with one out in the seventh inning but only after a second consecutive dominant performance against the Pirates, this one pacing a runaway 8-1 Rockies victory. "He knows what he wants to do, and he does it with a lot of conviction," Rockies manager Walt Weiss said of Anderson. "He's a young guy, but he pitches like a salty veteran." The Rockies won a second in a row after adopting knee-high black socks as their team-wide uniform. "The offense showed up today tremendously," Anderson said. "The defense, I can't say enough about them behind me. It was a good team win. The high socks are treating us right." Anderson last week gave up just one run in seven innings at Pittsburgh. But his exit before the eighth inning opened the door for a Pirates comeback. Friday, Anderson shut out the Bucs through 6 innings, allowing just two hits and four walks — for his first win of the season and his first since Sept. 22 with the Oakland A's.