David Price has gone on record saying he wasn’t pleased with his output in 2016. Understandably so, given his ERA was over 3.50 for only the third time in his career and over 3.60 for the first time since his first season in 2009. Now he was a horse, logging a league-best 230 innings and finished seventh in all of baseball with 228 K’s. So where was the problem? Well he averaged 1.96 walks per nine innings -- his highest total since 2012. But he still ranked 14th in all of baseball in that, too. Hits, now that was definitely part of the problem. Hitters almost averaged a hit an inning off Price (8.88), the highest mark of his career. So that’ll take a toll. But here’s the bigger issue, Price gave up 30 home runs, tied for eight highest among all MLB starters. Well, he pitched a lot of innings, right? More than anyone, right? True. However, Price averaged just over one home run every nine innings (1.17) for only the third time in his career, again the highest mark since his first MLB season. “Extremely inconsistent,” Price said summarized his first year in Boston. “I felt like that was kind of like my first year in the big leagues. My first full year was 2010, but in 2009 I made 23 or 24 starts. And it was a good and then a couple stinkers, then an OK one, then a good one.