NHL Department of Player Safety chief Brendan Shanahan called Rick Nash of the New York Rangers after Nash’s controversial hit on Tomas Kopecky on Tuesday night. “It was a rotten hit,” Shanahan said he told Nash. But not a suspension. "There are lots of hits that we don’t like," he said. “We don’t like this hit. It absolutely should have been a two [minute minor], and probably should have been a five,” said Shanahan, in a phone interview on Friday. The no-suspension ruling from the NHL on the Nash hit was that it was an awkward, spinning collision between two players in which the significant majority of the contact from Nash landed not on Kopecky’s head, but the back of his shoulders. “We don’t see this as being principal point of contact to the head. For a fact, we don’t see much contact to the head at all,” said Shanahan. “On the Florida feed, when you slow it down, you see Kopecky’s back right shoulder is the initial point of contact. If you slow it down even further, you see the back right shoulder and the nameplate aren’t just the initial point of contact, but the principal point of contact.”