Brendan Ryan has a simple motto heading into this season: “Embrace the boos.” He knows if he’s playing shortstop, there’s a good shot Derek Jeter isn’t in the lineup that day, and he expects to hear about it from the crowd. “Dealing with all the disappointment of [me] being out there and not the captain?” Ryan said at Steinbrenner Field on Tuesday. “If it’s a few days a week or a few days a month, might as well as embrace it. It’s a very special opportunity to play with a special guy in his last season.” Though Jeter’s long-term replacement is likely in another spring training location, someone the Yankees will sign or trade for after the season, Ryan would like to think otherwise after signing a two-year deal in the offseason. “It’s something that’s in the back of my mind,” Ryan said. “I don’t think anyone envies that, but I’m trying to get on the field, so I don’t really care. I’m gonna get booed regardless.” He’s already anticipating that this season, when Ryan will be a somewhat frequent fill-in as the Yankees try to keep Jeter healthy in his final season.