It's been pretty quiet lately. The Mariners haven't made many moves in the past few weeks and the roster seems to be set for the rest of the month. The trade deadline went without so much as a whisper and now the first hint of something is Brendan Ryan clearing post-deadline waivers. This probably doesn't mean much. Even though Ryan isn't playing very often and his job as clearly been stolen by Brad Miller Ryan joins the dozens of other players that have been placed on waivers the past few weeks most likely including a bunch of names that haven't been leaked. He's the only player we know the Mariners have placed through waivers although there certainly could be others. Every year a whole boatload of players pass through waivers after the deadline and so far there's been five trades made after July 31st. This year's big deal was Alex Rios to Texas who changed organizations for the second time in his career after in a post-deadline waiver deal. The first time the Blue Jays just let him be claimed by Chicago.