What we would all do to be as rich as Patrick Mahomes just signed up to be. By earning a half-billion dollars by the time his new mega-contract with the Kansas City Chiefs is over with, Mahomes will be able to add that to his growing list of endorsement deals and promotion opportunities. The former Texas Tech Red Raiders quarterback will be living the easy, lavish life for the rest of his years, both in and out of the NFL.

The amount of pressure suddenly placed onto his shoulders with this new 10-year dal is quite a shock to the system. But for the signal-caller, who has already earned league Most Valuable Player honors, as well as Super Bowl MVP honors on his way to winning a ring (all before he turned 25 years old), all he has to do is to continue on the path that got him to this point in his football career, and he will be fine.

His 10-year deal, which is tacked onto the final two years of his current rookie contract, means that Mahomes is slated to be the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs until the end of the 2031 season. At that point he will be 36 years old and potentially either looking to ride off into the sunset or get a final deal, a la Tom Brady.

A big facet of his contract, as Sports Illustrated details, is that there are no reasonable outs for the Chiefs to take advantage of.