Instead of celebrating what had the makings to be one of Tim Hudson's finest starts this season the Braves experienced the nightmare of seeing Hudson carted off the field with a right ankle fracture. The Braves tweeted after the game that Hudson will have surgery in Atlanta when the swelling in his ankle goes down. Hudson fell face-first to the ground in agony after his right ankle was trampled by Eric Young Jr. during the eighth inning of Wednesday night's 8-2 win over the Mets at Citi Field. "I saw his foot as I'm going for the base right there in the middle and as I came down I knew I didn't get any of the base. I knew I got all of his foot" Young said. "And I pretty much knew it was probably broke right when I did it and that's why I sprinted right back to him and tried to console him as much as I could." Young apologized to Hudson who told Young to keep his head up and keep playing the game the hard way. "You never want to injure anybody" Young said. "You always want to put your best foot forward. It's just one of those things that happens and I just hope he has a speedy recovery getting back out there doing what he does."