The Braves have broadened their search on the trade market now for both a proven starter and bullpen piece for the stretch run given Wednesday’s season-ending ankle injury to Tim Hudson. But finding the right fit in a narrow market over the next five days could be a challenge Braves general manager Frank Wren said. Wren said this is the thinnest market he’s encountered in 22 years of working trades at the major league level – which he attributes to the additional wild card keeping more teams in the hunt as Wednesday’s non-waiver deadline approaches. “I’ve had years where I’ve had two legal pages written out of names of potential trade possibilities” Wren said. “This year I’ve got half a page of teams and names that really fit for us so it’s a small number.” One of the primary candidates on the Braves’ wish list is Jake Peavy but the veteran White Sox right-hander is also coveted by the likes of the Cardinals Red Sox and Athletics. The Braves have the financial flexibility to cover Peavy’s salary of $14.5 million for 2014 (he also has a $15 million vesting option for 2015); it would be a matter of whether they could find the right fit in terms of minor league prospects the Braves would be willing to give up.