The Braves signed reliever Arodys Vizcaino to a one-year, $3.4 million contract to avoid going to arbitration with their top closer candidate, but didn’t agree to a deal with arbitration-eligible starting pitcher Mike Foltynewicz before a Friday deadline. That means Foltynewicz is likely to become just the second arbitration hearing in 17 years for the Braves, with a relatively paltry difference of only $100,000 between the salary figures filed by the two sides. The Braves filed at $2.2 million and Foltynewicz at $2.3 million. Major league teams had until 1 p.m. Friday to sign arbitration-eligible players or swap salary figures with them in advance of a February arbitration hearing in which a panel chooses one figure or the other as the player’s 2018 salary. The difference in the salary figures filed by two sides typically is far greater than this Braves-Foltynewicz situation.