It was during a sleepy fourth quarter of a blowout game last week against Charlotte when something clicked with Brandon Roy. It was his fifth game back after recovering from double knee surgery, and because the Trail Blazers were routing the Bobcats, he felt he could experiment. So, he tried a few of his old tricks. A snap-quick crossover dribble here. A powerful first-step move there. A step back jumper here and there. "There was a moment of, 'Oh. OK. I can do that,"' Roy said. "It was the best moment, because I was moving, I was dribbling, I was trying to get to the basket." He was, in a way, the old Brandon Roy. Since that fourth quarter last Saturday, Roy has become even more confident, and even more effective. Although he is still coming off the bench and although his playing time is still limited to 25 minutes, Roy has become a major factor for the suddenly surging Blazers. In Monday's victory at Orlando, Roy had nine points, four rebounds and two assists, and played the entire fourth quarter of a close game. Then on Tuesday, playing in his first back-to-back since December, Roy had 14 points in the Blazers' victory at Miami. He scored 11 of those points in an electric eight minute span of the second quarter, when he was driving, finishing fast breaks and shooting spot-on jumpers. Then, in a tense fourth quarter, Roy hit a critical three-pointer with 3:26 left.