Free agent reliever Brandon Morrow would like to return to the Dodgers. In an appearance on MLB Network Radio, the right-hander said, “All things being equal, I’d probably be going back to the Dodgers.” Here’s all of what he said in the clip provided by MLB Network Radio: Things are still quiet, but obviously you’d love to go back to the place where you had success and the Dodgers are set to be good for a long time. That’s obviously very attractive to be with a team that’s going to compete and I think that’s obviously very high on my list at 33 years old, to get back to the playoffs. Getting so close to try and win one, I think that’s probably going to be the leading factor in my decision-making is teams with a chance. I don’t care about closing, just throwing from the sixth to the eighth inning. I’m cool pitching wherever and just looking for the best fit in the next few weeks. All things equal, I’d probably be going back to the Dodgers. But there’s decisions they gotta make and other clubs are hopefully be coming after you and seeing what their pitch is.