Alex Rodriguez is one of the bidders on the shortlist to purchase the Mets, but he may have already lost his potential locker room.

Preparing for his third season as an analyst for ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” broadcast, the former three-time American League MVP seemingly argued for MLB to adopt a salary cap system.

The sentiment didn’t sit well with his colleagues.

“I hope to god he’s shouted out of every clubhouse he attempts to enter in this and future seasons,” former 13-year pitcher Brandon McCarthy tweeted Thursday. “Call him a self-serving liar and make him explain himself to a room full of his former peers if he wants broadcast content.”

Amidst declining relations between MLB and the players association, Rodriguez claimed that the players no longer hold the leverage they enjoyed during the 1994-95 strike when they successfully fought off salary cap proposals from owners.

Baseball has lost its standing to other sports like the NBA and NFL and to rising media conglomerates, Rodriguez argued.