Derrick Rose John Wall and Brandon Knight were exceptional guards in college under coach John Calipari for one season — Rose with Memphis and Wall and Knight with Kentucky. But while Rose and Wall quickly made their marks in the NBA after leaving college — Rose with Chicago and Wall with Washington — Knight is still searching to make his mark. Some NBA officials wonder if he ever will. Knight begs to differ. Acquired by the Milwaukee Bucks in a multi-player deal with the Detroit Pistons last Wednesday Knight is extremely confident in his abilities and his potential. “I know I can play with them because I have already” Knight said Tuesday following a press conference at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. “I played against John; I played against Derrick and I know I have the talent and the skill set and the physical stature to play with those guys. “It’s not a question; it’s just a matter of me going out and doing it. And it’s having the opportunity to do so.” Knight 21 who already has started 135 games will be given every opportunity to exhibit his talents with the Bucks. Bucks coach Larry Drew has already designated Knight his starting point guard. Drew a former NBA point guard himself is convinced Knight has the tools to excel. “What he brings to the table is what a coach looks for particularly at that position: the speed the quickness the ability to make shots the ability to get into the lane the ability to make other people better” Drew said. “For me it’s important that the point guard is an extension of me because I put a lot on his shoulders. “I think he’s really good right now and it’s my job for him to get better.” Let’s just say Drew will have plenty of positive things to work with in Knight starting with his physical attributes. In many respects they mirror those of Wall and Rose: * Wall is 6-foot-4; Rose and Knight are 6-3. * Wall has an 8-6 wingspan; Rose and Knight each have 6-3 wingspans. * Rose’s vertical leap is 40 inches; Wall and Knight have 37- and 38-inch verticals respectively. * Rose has been timed at 3.05 seconds in a three-quarter court sprint; Rose has been clocked at 3.05 and Knight at 3.07. Drew also will be working with an exceptionally bright young man. In addition to being the Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year in 2008-09 and Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year in 2009-2010 at Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale Fla. Knight also was an exceptional student. He graduated with a 4.3 weighted grade-point average (4.0 scale). When Knight decided to attend Kentucky basket weaving wasn’t one of his options for a major. “I was thinking about majoring in engineering and I thought about architecture too” Knight said. “I had a lot of avenues that I could have went down.”