We've used a lot of recent digital real estate covering the impending Milwaukee Bucks v. Brandon Jennings free agency showdown. The latest twist in this yawning chasm of speculation comes courtesy of Racine Journal-Times reporter Gery Woelfel. Following the Bucks' 100-86 loss to the Utah Jazz Wednesday night, Woelfel dropped a cluster bomb of information that, if true, definitively exposes Jennings' motives for switching agents. Talking on the 1250 WSSP post-game show, Woelfel offered these comments (Fast forward to the 3:45 mark): "I talked to one of the more prominent sports agents out there, I can't say his name, unfortunately. But he and I were talking today about the Jennings situation and he said really it came down to two things. One goes back to the possible contract extension he could have got earlier this year, in which nothing happened. I was told, by this agent, who is pretty much in the know, that Jennings wanted the maximum amount."