Change is nothing new for Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr. After all, he'll be adjusting to a new defensive coordinator for the third consecutive season. Carr played for Romeo Crennel in 2011 with Kansas City, Rob Ryan last year and now readies for the 2013 season with Monte Kiffin. "I've been playing for different coaches, different schemes, pretty much my whole career," Carr said Wednesday. "I feel like it adds to my versatility. it's all about learning and grasping whatever is thrown at me." Carr is also building a strong relationship with his teammates, including Morris Claiborne, who enters his second NFL season. Carr has been helping Claiborne understand the NFL game away from the field as well as on it. "It helps to be here for a year," he said. "The chemistry we have established and see guys grow and develop. I know my role within the defense, with the team. Guys are kind of settling down now, and we added new guys who can make plays. It's about getting everybody on the same page."