Brandon Belt has nobody to blame but himself. Had he not chattered so much about wanting a karaoke machine, his parents would not have bought him one for Christmas. Belt and wife Haylee would not have spent so many evenings singing karaoke with their friends in Texas. Then, Belt would not have made the mistake of expressing his fondness for karaoke on Twitter. Can you see Belt's problem now? At some point, and soon, the Giants' 24-year-old first baseman will have to sing karaoke publicly, and not just in his hometown of 3,000 folks. He already was asked to sing a cappella in front of hundreds at FanFest, where the Giants slipped by failing to provide a karaoke machine. Belt refused. "I said, 'No, it's not going to happen,' " Belt said. "I'm not going to embarrass myself in public." Belt's teammates will decide that, and maybe soon, once they all know that a seven-night-a-week karaoke bar beckons within walking distance of Scottsdale Stadium. "Then he should go," shortstop Brandon Crawford said. "We should all go." And if teammates cannot drag the strapping, 6-foot-5 first baseman to the watering hole? "I think he ought to bring the karaoke machine in here and do it for the whole club, or after a long flight, like to Miami," Crawford said. "We'll get him on the speaker on the bus to the hotel." Clearly, life changed for Belt after he helped the Giants win the 2012 World Series. Rather than ruminating all winter over his place on the team, he spent hours with his wife and friends warbling into a microphone. ("I was terrible at it, but it was all about being goofy and having fun.") Read more: