The irony continues. Though Rajon Rondo's season will soon culminate in knee surgery, his teammates are getting some of their best looks of the season in the point guard's absence. Following Wednesday's win over Sacramento, Jason Terry said that Doc Rivers' pared-down, accelerated system was, "a little more conducive to my game." Brandon Bass, with 12 points on 4-for-7 shooting and a 4-for-5 free throw performance that night, had been in the same rut as Terry. No one wants to say that they are better without Rondo, but at the same time the ball might be moving better than it has all season. "Hopefully I'll get more (shots) because everyone is moving the ball," said Bass. "Hopefully everybody is going to get more looks. There's a good opportunity to make a play for someone else." Asked if his looks had improved, Bass said, "Give me 10 games, man. Give me 10 games." The ideal situation, of course, would be if the Celtics could play at this pace with Rondo in the lineup — an emphasis they won't be able to apply until next season. "We do (play like this with Rondo) at times, and sometimes we don't. When we do I think we're unbeatable," said Rivers. But in the short term, anyway, Bass may finally be awakening from a frustrating season in which his shooting percentage and shots taken have decreased. "It's been a little tougher for me this year, but it happens," he said. "Things change. You bring new guys in. Doc thinks certain things work better for us. But now that everybody is moving the ball, everybody can get into a rhythm. It feels good, and I just want to build on that. "Of course (it's been frustrating), man," said Bass. "When you set goals for yourself, and you have ways you think you can help the team and you're not, it's frustrating. .?.?. Of course you feel better with the ball going through your hands. But at the same time we miss Rondo. There were times I didn't get it, but I didn't want to let that dictate my game. I still wanted to play great defense."