Brandon Bass is no Rajon Rondo. Bass could only mimic his teammate’s disinterested attitude toward the Brooklyn Nets for so long before breaking on Monday. When Rondo was asked on media day what he felt upon hearing Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce had been traded the point guard muttered “Nothing.” Bass wasn’t quite so cold when asked about the Celtics’ upcoming preseason game in Brooklyn although he tried to act like he was. “No I’m not excited” Bass said after Celtics practice on Monday before breaking into a grin. “Nah of course I am. [I spent] two years with them and they both helped me out a lot. They did a lot for this organization so yeah I’ll be excited to see them. But at the same time it’s going to be competitive and we’re going to compete.” Unlike fans who may harbor ill feelings toward Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge forever and might need to resist pulling for the Nets in their visits to TD Garden this season the players have moved on. Jeff Green called Garnett “the enemy” at the start of training camp but that is not why Green and Garnett have not spoken since. Green is getting ready for his season. Garnett is getting ready for his. There have not been many opportunities for small talk in between. Tuesday’s preseason game in Brooklyn will be the first time they have interacted in months. Bass acknowledged that there may be more rumblings before the first regular-season matchup in Brooklyn on Dec. 10 but so far nobody in the Celtics locker room has gotten emotional about seeing old No. 34 or No. 5 again. Gerald Wallace who came over in the same trade said he has not heard a peep about the reunion — and he would not really care anyway.