Put Tom Brady in front of a microphone or a crowded room and he’s as cool as a cucumber. Nobody is more relaxed. But, get him out on the football field and he’s as fiery as they come. Danny Amendola got his first real dose of that side of Brady on Tuesday after making a nice catch during the first day of Patriots minicamp. He seemed to enjoy it, too. “We got open and made a play,” Amendola said, smiling about the connection. “It was only one play, and we’re trying to stack as many of those up as we can.” Amendola made a quick route adjustment during an 11-on-11 scrimmage, tipping Brady off to the coverage and then making a nice play on a ball over the middle. The result energized Brady, but it seemed to be Amendola’s smarts and recognition that really got the quarterback hyped up. Brady threw his hands in the air and began shouting like an excited schoolboy in praise of Amendola as he trotted back to the line of scrimmage. That sort of praise would help motivate any receiver, especially one new to the Patriots’ complex offense. But, for Amendola, it’s Brady’s fire and passion that’s really inspiring him. “Watching Tom and being on the outside, you see that fire and you see him get amped up in games,” Amendola said after practice on Wednesday. “That’s the type of guy you want to play for. For him to do that in practice, in OTAs, when we’re going against each other — our own team — to have that fire and that desire to win is really uplifting. He does a good job of lifting up the whole team and getting everybody to play really hard. He’s one of the best.” There’s been plenty of Brady excitement to go around so far in minicamp, too. After one completion to Lavelle Hawkins in the back of the end zone on Tuesday, Brady turned to the defensive sideline and celebrated in their direction before finding his receiver to celebrating again. Nothing quite topped that moment on Wednesday, but Brady kept the enthusiasm up and continued to shout out praise to get his teammates going.