New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady chose his words carefully in his first news conference since Aaron Hernandez was charged with murder acknowledging that while it was "a very tragic thing that happened" his focus was on moving forward on the football field. "It's a terrible thing that happened" Brady told a group of reporters at the team's practice facility Thursday morning. "In the city of Boston this year with what happened at the marathon these are very terrible things you wish never happened to anybody. There's a very human compassionate element that we all have and when it's someone that has been on our team it's a very sad thing. "I think we as a team have tried to move forward with better awareness and understanding of these types of things. Hopefully nothing like this ever happens again." Brady would not discuss his reaction when he learned of Hernandez's connection with the murder saying his feelings were "personal" and that his emotions "were probably like everyone else's." "Everyone had a certain range of emotions whatever they might have been" Brady said. "Those were really personal and I dealt with them. At some point you have to move forward and I think we as a team are doing that."