One of Brady Hoke's summertime staples is going on the shelf. Because, in his mind, Michigan needs to become a team again. During his first two summer offseasons at Michigan in 2012 and 2013, Hoke and Michigan gathered the team's seniors-to-be and carted them off to San Diego for a short bonding trip where the players learned leadership skills from Navy SEALs. Hoke believed there was plenty to be gained by his players from the experience, and to a man, almost every senior player returned to campus in the fall raving about what they'd learned from it. This summer, though, it won't happen. Why? Because Michigan can't be a one-class team and have success, Hoke says. Everyone has to be on board. "To me, it was just something (that) had run its course a little bit, and maybe (created) some entitlement (for the older players)," Hoke said last week. "We need to stay here, and stay together.