After throwing only two interception in his team’s first 10 games, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has now through six in the last five, including at least one in each game. So how can he reverse that trend as the most important games of the season approach? “I think it’s just making smart decisions,” Brady told reporters on Friday. “Whenever they get their hands on it, it’s not a good thing for the offense. Putting it in places where only we can touch it or we can catch it is important, especially understanding the situations in the games. We’ve been able to overcome a few of those but, obviously, like at Miami, we didn’t overcome them and ball possession is going to be extremely important in this game [against the Jets]. We always try to do no turnovers. That’s a good goal for us. That’s what we should have every week. I can certainly do a better job than I’ve done protecting it and it’s going to be really important.” It’s going to be important for some philosophical reasons that Brady addressed, which are obvious but nevertheless critical.