Ahmad Bradshaw 11 days ago had a surgical procedure to his right foot he said he should have had following the 2011 season. As a result, he rolled into an autograph session at the NFL Experience yesterday with his right leg resting on a scooter, his right foot protected in a black boot. "I just went through too much this year,'' Bradshaw said. Bradshaw said he had one screw removed from his right foot and another, longer one inserted. He has had two fractures in the same foot — the first occurred during the 2009 season, the second during the 2011 season — but only one was secured with a screw. After the 2011 season, he underwent stem-cell treatment on the other fracture but, six or seven weeks into the 2012 season, the positive effects of the treatment, he said, "wore off'' and he had to endure the rest of the way in pain. He said the newly inserted screw secures both fractures. "What I should have done instead of getting the stem cell last year was get the screw out and a new screw in,'' Bradshaw said. "This was very well needed. The doctor said everything looked great after.He said it was something I should have gotten last yearCan't look back at it like that.'' Bradshaw said the time frame for his recovery is 10 weeks and he's already weeks into the process.