Give him three words, because that’s all he needs. Look him in the eyes and ask him why he’s worth it, why your football team should burn a top-three pick in this spring’s NFL draft on the man-child ACC offensive lines haven’t had an answer for in three years. Ask Bradley Chubb this and he doesn’t bat an eye. “Relentless pass rusher,” he fires back, his response short and sweet and surprisingly sufficient. In other words: Put on the tape. Watch me work. See the quarterback go down. It’s very likely the dozen-or-so Indianapolis Colts executives who met with Chubb formally Saturday night asked him that very question; it’s very likely Chubb came back with that very answer. Maybe it was all the Indy brass needed to hear. In Chubb, the coveted North Carolina State All-American, the Colts could find the pass-rushing savior their too-average defense desperately craves, the QB-seeker this team hasn’t had since 93 and 98 roamed the backfield, the very game-wrecker this franchise has repeatedly failed to find since the gilded runs of Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis came to an close. Chubb to the Colts at No. 3? In so many ways, it fits. “A lot of people been saying I’m going to the Colts, but you never know,” Chubb said Saturday at the NFL Scouting Combine. “If that happens, I’ll be happy, of course, to get drafted to such a great city.”