Class is back in session for the Broncos.

Don’t be late.

New coach Vic Fangio promised a culture change, and with the team’s voluntary offseason program just days old at UCHealth Training Center, the first tangible differences are playing out behind closed doors. Fangio called his philosophy “death by inches,” an analogy for avoiding small mistakes that snowball into massive disasters. Lesson No. 1: Arriving on time means arriving early.

Edge rusher Bradley Chubb is all in.

“Our first team meeting started at 8, but guys were in there at 7:55 in their seats,” Chubb said on Thursday. “I remember a couple times last year guys would be rolling in at 7:59. Just culture change like that. Everybody wants to be better than we were at 5-11 or 6-10.” 

A four-minute difference. 

That might seem minuscule when working a 9-to-5 job, but every second counts in the pursuit of a Super Bowl. Fullback Andy Janovich told reporters: “It’s just extra time to sharpen every tool you have in the classroom. You spend more time there than you do on the field and in practice and everything. It’s more of a mental game.” 

For Chubb — who tallied  60 tackles, 21 quarterback hits and 12 sacks as a rookie last year — the challenge of improving goes well beyond meeting attendance. The 22-year-old outside linebacker called himself an “open book” for embracing and learning new ways to be utilized on defense. Something Fangio promised next season.