We’re at the point in the NBA offseason where we can survey the league and project things out with some amount of certainty. The biggest fishes in the free agent pond have made up their minds, while the biggest names that ended up on the trade block have been moved. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, any additions to rosters league-wide will happen around the margins.

Of those potential major additions on the trade market right now, though, it’s hard to imagine any of them moving in the next week or two unless something changes with Chris Paul or Kevin Love suddenly finds a suitor. If there is one player who could simultaneous stand to be traded soon and cause the winds to shift for a contender, though, it might just be Bradley Beal.

Why? As Candace Buckner of the Washington Post laid out earlier this week, Beal is up for an extension from the Washington Wizards. There is a possibility that the two sides are unable to come to some type of agreement. In the event that occurs, all of a sudden, Beal could become extremely available.

On July 26, exactly three years after Beal signed his max deal, the Wizards can officially present a three-year, $111 million extension. The team has indicated it plans to give Beal the offer, and both the player’s camp and the franchise have remained in contact throughout the summer. Around the league, however, the extension is not viewed as a done deal, and there is a growing belief that Beal will not remain in Washington for his entire career.

“He’s out of there,” one well-placed person within the NBA predicted.

Buckner also pointed out that the Wizards are currently a ship with no captain, as it is still trying to figure out who will lead its front office into the future after parting ways with longtime executive Ernie Grunfeld in April.