Nene shook his head as he peeled off an ice pack from his right shoulder that was so sore that he struggled to lift it above his head after the Washington Wizards’ 90-84 victory over the Toronto Raptors on Monday night. Laughing to himself with befuddlement, Nene had no explanation for how he carried the Wizards in the fourth quarter despite a sharp pain that forced him to wince after every made basket or free throw. As Nene spoke, Bradley Beal was standing nearby at a refrigerator, loading up two plastic bags with about two dozen waters and Gatorades. “Rookie duties,” Beal said before heading to the team bus. At least Beal has his teammates around to keep him humble after the 19-year-old proved to be the Wizards’ one consistent presence through a sloppy game that wasn’t settled until the one-armed Nene provided the necessary cushion for the team’s third win in a row and seventh of nine overall.