On the day Jordan Crawford was sent to Boston, Cartier Martin was sent to the doctor and Bradley Beal was sent to the dentist. The final practice before the NBA trade deadline came to a screeching halt on Thursday, when Beal’s mouth collided with Martin’s forehead, both players dropped, Beal chipped his teeth and Martin’s head was bloodied. “I told them, they know how to end a practice. ‘You guys definitely dictated when practice would end,’ ” Coach Randy Wittman said afterward. “They were guarding each other. Faked one way, came the other. Bam! They hit face-to-face obviously. Bradley’s teeth went into his forehead.” Beal’s arrival and emergence helped make Crawford expendable, and Martin will receive some of those newly-available minutes now that he has returned from a sprained left knee. Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld said “they should both be available” for Friday’s game against the Denver Nuggets at Verizon Center. Martin walked up the court with a huge towel and a bag of ice on his head, which Wittman said had “a pretty good laceration.” He later emerged from the locker room with his head heavily bandaged and walked down a hallway with head athletic trainer Eric Waters. When asked how many stitches Martin would receive, Waters replied, “Double digits.” Martin cursed before asking, “That many?”