The Calgary Flames announced an ALS fundraiser on behalf of assistant GM Chris Snow Wednesday, allowing fans to be part of the crowd via cardboard cutouts.

It didn’t take long for the feel-good gesture to be overshadowed by frustrated fans wondering if they could partake by submitting photos with bags over their heads.

Concealing identity is a hot topic around these parts, as no one seems to know who or what the Calgary Flames are anymore.

“If you had an identity for our team, we’re an inconsistent team,” said Flames GM Brad Treliving, adding his two cents to the local debate.

“That’s not usually the identity you draw up. When I say inconsistency, I’m talking about the highs and the lows. You’re not going to have your ‘A’ game every night. Good teams have a good ‘B’ game where they can have success some nights, playing air-tight defensively and being good on special teams. Our problem is we’ve got an ‘A’ game and a ‘D’ game.”


Harsh but accurate, as is the bulk of criticism being directed at the club of late.