After careful examination of the facts in evidence, I have come to a verdict on the Celtics future of new coach Brad Stevens. I don’t know. This may get me thrown off the active list at the Blowhard Pundits of America Club (hope they’ll let me retain the social membership), but I don’t see how one can accurately predict with any certainty how Stevens will do as he moves from Butler to his first NBA job of any kind. Key words: accurately, certainty. First of all, his fitness as an NBA coach cannot be fully judged until he has the players to win, and it appears that won’t be happening around the Celtics to any serious degree for a while. That was the issue I had when people were calling for Doc Rivers’ head in his first couple of years with the Celts. It wasn’t that I thought him a mastermind in waiting or anything, and, in fact, there were definitely points of his work about which to quibble. But coaches need talented players more than Mars Needs Women (delightfully bad old movie; look it up). Stevens will have a head start with an All-Star point guard (Rajon Rondo) and a wing who is capable of putting up big offensive numbers when the spirit moves him (Jeff Green). He has better than average worker bees in Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger. But while we will be able to see a month or two into the season whether he can get people on the same page and how well he starts to develop some guys with potential and little else, we won’t really know how well he can match wits with a veteran coach in a deep playoff series. And that’s sort of what the job is about when you work for a franchise like the Celtics.