When the Indiana Hoosiers were looking for a new basketball coach, one of the coaches that they were targeting from the get-go was Brad Stevens.W

Despite the rumors, the Boston Celtics' coach remained steadfast that he was going to stay with the team, and eventually, Indiana moved onto another coaching candidate, Mike Woodson.

However, it wasn't for lack of trying to get Stevens. Before the Celtics' Saturday night game against the Golden State Warriors, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Indiana was prepared to make Stevens a seven-year, $70 million Godfather offer to join their coaching staff.

Before Boston's game against the Chicago Bulls, Stevens took some time to discuss the reported offer and revealed he hadn't know about it.

"I was never offered a package so that's all news to me," Stevens said to reporters.

But what Stevens did say was that the terms of the offer didn't matter. He truly wanted to stay in Boston to continue to coach the Celtics.