The Boston Celtics are gearing up for Game 1 of their NBA Playoffs matchup against the Indiana Pacers Sunday in many unique ways.

In the weight room ahead of the game, the players could be heard working out to a pretty interesting song selection: yes, the viral jam known as "Baby Shark" was playing from the speakers as the team lifted weights. But why?

The most peculiar part about this whole ordeal is the fact that the song was chosen by none other than Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. For a guy who doesn't often flash his personality, this was a very strange choice of music for a team weightlifting session.

Well, if his is how Stevens wants to hype up his men before their playoff matchup, then all the power to him. But if I'm a Celtics fan, there are thousands of other songs I'd rather my squad get hyped up to. Even "Old Town Road" would be a preferable choice. "Old Town Road" remix, too.