Reaching Texas Rangers ownership for answers when this Michael Young dirt went down was effortless; just call Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also has a long history of being infinitely available through all kinds of crazy news cycles at Valley Ranch. And I returned from church Sunday to find a belt-worthy Twitter battle between Mavs owner Mark Cuban and Buzz Bissinger that left me both blushing and remembering just how willing to engage a certain owner really is. Even on their worst days, when local ownership is totally screwing up everything, they can at the very least be reached to answer "WTH?" So it was a weird feeling when I tried Monday to call the owner of the Dallas Stars to discuss the decision to not trade forward Brad Richards only to realize I have only a fuzzy idea of who that is. I thought the hockey boys remained under the purview of bad Tom Hicks debts. Or maybe it was the NHL? Or is it the predatory lenders now? A call to the NHL offices was predictably useless, so too was an e-mail to Hicks. And a call to my good friends from Monarch Investment Capital in NYC went unreturned. We all remember them from their fine work with the Rangers that led into a Fort Worth courtroom last summer -- the fun memories of Judge Lynn and NY lawyer fights and insane amounts of billable hours. It was hard to even get the Stars to call back or give a straight answer to a very fair question: Who had the final call on Richards? Until, finally, I reached Tony Tavares. He has an official title, but the reality is he is the guy at the end of the parade route cleaning up all of the mess left by Hicks. And he has answers. The official owner of the Stars is... Tom Hicks. As we all know, he became financially incapacitated recently and thereby signed over power of attorney to the league which in turn has to handle his estate with grieving heirs -- the predatory lenders.