If I could put three things in the Stanley Cup I’d pick a puppy, Miss Vickie's salt and vinegar chips, and a few adult beverages. Not at the same time, obviously.

But you don’t care about my response, you want to know what everyone’s favourite Bruins player had to say to this question at Media Day.

Brad Marchand, asked three things he'd like to put in the Stanley Cup: "Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a baby and a lot of alcohol."

— Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) May 26, 2019

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is an elite cereal, alcohol comes with the territory, but then there’s a baby. Is Marchand’s wife pregnant? This isn’t a TMZ column, so I will not speculate further, but a baby in the Cup would be downright adorable.

Although I hope it will be sterilized and thoroughly cleaned after all it’s previous celebrations. The Cup has seen some crazy things... we don’t need to expose a newborn child to the elements.