No, Brad Marchand didn’t have a run-in with a cat after Monday night’s Game 3 victory against Chicago that gave the Bruins a 2-1 lead in the Stanley Cup finals. The scratch in the middle of the Bruins winger’s forehead was the result of a different sort of scrap, one with Blackhawks irritator Andrew Shaw. The two tangled at the tail end of the game after Zdeno Chara and Bryan Bickell had their own altercation and the rest of the players on the ice paired off around the Bruins net. Marchand and Shaw dropped the gloves, and though the tussle was brief, they both received five-minute major penalties. “Yeah, I’ve got a nice scratch on my forehead right there, a little claw mark. Like a kitty cat,” Marchand said yesterday. “But that stuff happens in scrums.” The 5-foot-9, 183-pound Marchand and 5-10, 180-pound Shaw play the same role on their respective teams. They’re on the ice to distract opponents from the task at hand with physicality and verbal exchanges. It just so happened that with time running down in the Bruins’ win, they finally were able to get at one another. Marchand wasn’t even offended that Shaw tried to get in a few blows after the pair tumbled to the ice along with a linesman trying to break things up. “Not really. That stuff happens,” he said. “I’ve done that before. The eye gouge I didn’t like, but it’s part of the game.” Marchand and Shaw might get a chance to square off again in Game 4 tonight at the Garden.