Brandon Phillips is coming to Redsfest after all. Phillips was not confirmed as a participant until Thursday. But he said concerns about him not showing were overblown. "Have I ever missed Redsfest?" he said. "No. Exactly. Nobody had nothing to worry about." But Phillips is in the midst of negotiating a contract extension with the club. The talks haven't always moved as quickly as Phillips would have liked, so it would not have been stunning if he skipped Redsfest. Whether his presence means anything is hard to say. Phillips tweeted Tuesday that he was pleased with the progress of the negotiations. He had no update Thursday. "To tell you the truth, I really don't know right now," he said. "I've been talking to my agent back and forth. I'm going to leave it up Walt (Jocketty) and my agent. I want to be here. I've been successful since I've been here. Hopefully, we'll get it done. I feel like this is my second home." Does he feel like a deal can get done? "I hope so," Phillips said. "I want to be here forever like my idol Barry Larkin. It's all the years, it's not about the money. A lot of people worry about age and stuff like that. I'll just go out and bust my butt and try to win. I want to bring a title to this city."