New Jersey Devils center Brian Boyle is happy his story is gaining national headlines. Not so much because he's been able to again play the game he grew to love after being diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) two months ago, but because it will provide others having similar cancer treatments hope for a better future. "I've been in children's hospitals and have seen young kids and it's really unfair; cancer doesn't fight fair," Boyle said. "We have a platform as athletes to try to encourage and help raise some money that could go into research to help others with different forms of this disease or who have the situation I'm in with easier treatments (with pills) that are less evasive. "The NHL does a good job with the Hockey Fights Cancer initiative each year. That has helped raise a lot of money and that's what we need to do." In his fifth game back after getting treatment for his disease, Boyle scored in the first period of a 3-2 overtime loss to the Edmonton Oilers at Prudential Center on Thursday. The raw emotion after his goal was a sight to behold and one Boyle won't ever forget.