Quarterback Colin Kaepernick might think that wearing another NFL team's cap is no big deal, but one of his San Francisco 49ers teammates doesn't share his opinion. Kaepernick's decision to wear a Miami Dolphins cap on July 4 was discussed on NFL Network's "Total Access" show Tuesday night, and 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman was among the players to weigh in. "This is a huge mistake by Kaep," Bowman said on the show with a smile. "I'm sure he understands that now. In his defense, we're young, in our era these days we like to match our snapbacks with our outfits." 49ers teammate Aldon Smith however, took a different view to Kaepernick's choice of cap in an interview Wednesday with ESPN's "First Take," saying, "let's not make this a bigger issue than it has to be." "He's not in the game, he's not throwing up Miami Dolphins signs," Smith said. "He plays for us, he plays hard for us." "He can wear a Chicago Bears shirt, it's fine," Smith added. "As long as he's dedicated to what he does and he does a great job on the field and he's dedicated to his team and he's a leader for us, that's all that matters."