When Dan Bailey makes his next field goal he will qualify as the most accurate kicker in NFL history. Bailey has been so good that he could miss his next five attempts and still surpass Mike Vanderjagt’s mark. In his three-plus seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, Bailey has made 99 of 109 attempts for a 91-percent success rate. Vanderjagt, whose short-term run with the Cowboys in 2006 was a disaster, holds the record at 86.5 percent. Making NFL history might mean something to those around Bailey, but it means little to him. “There’s so many ways you can look at it,” he said. “I think for me I just kind of go off my expectations I set for myself and also kind of how the results in the league have been going for the past few years. I feel like since I’ve been in the league guys have stepped up their game. Everybody has been kind of having a higher percentage of kicks made.” Since Bailey’s rookie year in 2011, 14 kickers have converted at a higher percentage than Vanderjagt’s record. Three more have been better than 85 percent.