Are you ready for old-time NBA players to weigh in on this year's Warriors? It's like the sequel you never wanted. After last year's cavalcade of stars comparing the eventual-73-win Warriors to their respective great teams from the days of yesteryear, you can expect the same kind of pronouncements this year after Kevin Durant joins the Warriors. You should largely ignore all of these because A. What great competitor is going to admit that a newfangled group of youngsters that lost after leading 3-1 in the Finals was superior to their squad? And B. This story is more played out than the Ryan Lochte debacle. But this one is kind of interesting. David Robinson rarely speaks on these matters, as the former Spurs center and MVP Hall of Famer doesn't talk a lot of trash, or in the media much at all. But Complex talked to the Admiral, and he says that the Warriors could have a shorter window than most people believe.