Standing in the outfield Bermuda grass, his red socks hiked higher than his hopes, Angels center fielder Peter Bourjos still won't let himself get too comfortable. The third-year veteran knows that his playing time, his starts in center field and the nearly everyday opportunity to develop consistency at the plate are luxuries. He had them in 2011. He lost them in 2012. And they've fallen into his glove this spring through break-neck twists of fate and circumstance: the walking of popular free-agent outfielder Torii Hunter, the arrival of big-bat MVP free-agent Josh Hamilton, the departing of $42 million fourth outfielder Vernon Wells in a late-spring trade, and a whole lot of crazy he can't explain. The affable Bourjos has gone from being the odd man out to the rangy man in the middle, taking charge of arguably baseball's most formidable outfield. Check out the catbird-seat view – another luxury – he has had for six games this spring and again as recently as Monday when the Angels played the Chicago White Sox in Glendale, Ariz. Bourjos looked to his left, gave an affirmative nod to veteran Hamilton, the wise-cracking right fielder, five-time All-Star slugger and 2010 AL MVP who has been to two World Series as well as to drug-addicted hell and back. Then Bourjos glanced right, checking in with the gum-chomping Mike Trout, the reigning All-Star, AL Rookie of the Year and most exciting 21-year-old in baseball. A Gold Glove finalist center fielder last season, Trout has reluctantly shifted to left field so that Speedy Petey could play Gold Glove-caliber catch too. How Bourjos parachuted from the 2012 bench into the probable 2013 lineup and an outfield where he is bookended by two of the game's biggest names is "something I never imagined," he said. But then again, Bourjos couldn't have predicted his own disappearance last season or that his 138 starts in a breakout 2011 would diminish to just 48 in 2012 with the emergence of the once-in-a-generation-talent Trout. "After what happened last year, I know everything can change right away, so I can't get too comfortable," said Bourjos, the Angels' 2005 10th-round draft pick who turns 26 on Sunday. "I can't even get excited about (playing with Hamilton and Trout) right now. I don't