The offseason approach of the Red Sox was clear: Sign veterans with solid track records to remain competitive while the farm system matures. For the purposes of 2013, let’s ignore the prospects in that equation and focus instead on the veterans who will directly impact the upcoming season. Most of them are hoping for bounce-back seasons of one kind or another, with a couple of exceptions. Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino saw their numbers fall pretty much across the board, while Ryan Dempster was a borderline All-Star in the National League last year and a borderline fifth starter after getting traded to the AL. David Ross and Jonny Gomes, meanwhile, performed on a par with their career norms, while Stephen Drew attempted to work himself back into form, less than a year removed from a devastating ankle injury. So what can we expect from this group in 2013? Well, we searched for players who posted similar numbers at similar ages with similar playing time as this group did in 2012, then examined the range of performance the following year.